SOLVED Install cPanel for Ubuntu on a new server now, or install CentOS and have the hassle of reinstalling everything again in version 102 in a few weeks?


Dec 25, 2021
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Hey guys,
After a horrible attempt on a competitor panel (never, ever, ever switch to Webuzo), I will be returning to cPanel (I still have my full backup from 15 days ago) and am thinking of performing a cPanel install on an Ubuntu server.

How most likely full production support for cPanel on Ubuntu will be available in early 2022 (probably in a few weeks), should I already install my cPanel on Ubuntu? Or do I install now on CentOS and when version 102 is released I do the whole procedure again from scratch for Ubuntu?

I have about 40 WordPress installs and about 15 emails in my agency. I'm not sure what to do. I didn't want to have to reset my server, install a new operating system, and then migrate the entire account again in some days. But if I don't have a choice, that's what I would need to do.

My last full backup came from CentOS, I don't know if that would hinder the migration to Ubuntu.