Installing SSL certificates error


Jun 20, 2018
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Hello, how are you, I comment, a few days ago I'm trying to configure SSL certificates for the domains that I have hosted on the server, I need to install the certificate that Cpanel offers.

Create the accounts, SSL is activated, but only install the Self Signed certificate for the domains, allow a few days and do not update, delete the accounts of the domains, create them again, and the SSL certificates are not installed as follows, installing the Self Signed certificate, in the logs I get the following error:

API failure: (XID hyjuzb) 1 error occurred: Error # 1: The system failed to send an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) "GET" request to " /4?version=11.70.0 "because of an error: Could not connect to '': Name or service not known
I do not have any firewall enabled, I do not know why it can not connect to port 443, since it is open, to be able to automatically generate Cpanel's comfortable certificates, can you fix it if you can help me ?, I hope for your prompt response.


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