lastlogin not updating properly


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Mar 25, 2012
Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
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Root Administrator
OS: CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD Virtuozzo
cPanel Version: 106.0.9
Root access: Yes
Logs: No idea what logs to provide
Additional support: Have not tried to get support elsewhere.

Since logins involve security, I figured this should go here. If not, please move it to the correct location. Thanks.

The .lastlogin file in my account's home directory is not being updated, and hasn't for several months. This is causing the interface to show the wrong last login.

I keep the system pretty well secured with extremely complex passwords that get changed periodically.

I realized it a few logins after my home IP was changed. When the system didn't update the password, I checked that file, and saw the last update was from June.

Since it's not updating, I added 2FA to the account, changed the password, and restarted the server to force anyone logged in to be logged out.

While it appears the system hasn't been compromised, I'd like to find out why this file is not being properly updated.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.