Mailman Archives Fill Up Even when Archiving Turned Off!


Jul 6, 2013
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This would be a reply to the following thread in the old feature request forum, but that's closed now, and I couldn't find another relevant post...

Anyway, the problem I came across was that my user's Mailman archives were filling up, even though I knew that I had turned off archiving on all the mailing lists. So after scratching my head for a bit and studying all the options to no avail I found the above thread which explains that Mailman uses the archive location to store copies of email attachments stripped from messages that pass through.

The missing bit from the end of that thread is the options you need to set to stop this happening, and it turns out that even if you don't use the digest feature of Mailman it still saves the attachments. So you need to set both Non-digest options -> scrub_nondigest and Digest options -> digestable to No. See the following link in the mailman bug tracking system for the explanation:

Hope this helps someone else,


PS I've added a feature request for cPanel to allow non-root privileged admins to delete Mailman archives, see
Website Admin access to delete Mailman Archives | cPanel Feature Requests


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Thank you for sharing your workaround and opening that feature request.