Managed Dedicated vs. Reseller (and migration woes?)

Dedicated vs. Reseller?

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Jan 8, 2005
Hello, I posted this as a poll but I'm also very interested in people's thoughts...

I'm getting started with a reseller account. Should I be moving straight to dedicated? My reseller account does allow shell but not root, of course. I'm not planning to need root.

I've heard that a dedicated server with cpanel isn't a big deal... I've also seen several posts describing headaches I'd like to avoid.

I'm mostly working with nonprofits that aren't tech-savvy... they'll send plenty of email via lists and their email accounts. They don't spam, but they don't always get complete opt-in confirmation either. It would be unusual for anybody to get accused of making SPAM.

I'll mostly use packages like Drupal and also install some custom php apps. I'll manage all upgrades (like with Drupal and other CMS's) for my customers, and provide a lot of hand-holding with the hosting. There won't be many (if any) developers using my service.

I would like to know if I'm making a mistake by going with a reseller account, and expecting to move to a dedicated server within the next year or two. Am I better off to start out with a dedicated server? And, what questions should I be asking?

Right now my questions are:
- How hard will it be for me to move my accounts to another server with another company? If it's a headache maybe I'll try harder to start out with dedicated.
- How much time should I set aside every week if I have a managed dedicated server? I'm assuming I'll have a lot more work to do, but I'll also be in control of the schedule. I've seen some complaints here from resellers whose cpanels were updated, with problems arising from the update, with no control over the timing. The question is, how much is the "lot" more work i'll have to do? Assume I know very little about hosting, about web-server management, and about *nix.
- With a reseller account can I count on the vendor for backups or should I be doing once-a-week offsite backups anyway?
- With a reseller account can I count on them to not put me on a server that's black-listed due to spam violations? And can I count on them to tell me if my clients are causing a spam violation prior to just nixing my account? On the other hand, with a dedicated server, what will it take for me to make sure I'm not blacklisted? Will the vendor tell me?
- How much limitation will a reseller WHM probably have when compared to the full VHM for my own server? And, does it matter given my situation?

- What other questions should I be asking?

And... What do people think about the dedicated vs. reseller options?

*many* thanks for your response :) -- verbal responses are best but I tossed up a poll too.
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