Would you be interested in a "per user" memcached extension/app for WHM/cPanel ?

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Jan 11, 2015
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I'm looking forward to develop an cPanel extension (app) that would allow to allocate some unique memcached space to the end user.
For example, you could set how much memory you would allocate per hosting plan and each user will have an instance of its own (so it won't be shared through the entire server like in normal approaches).

Also, I'm thinking of making some small admin panel for it... where the user can turn the feature on and off (as it should be off by default, to preserve memory space), flush the contents, etc.

It would be very useful for the end users to speed up lazy-loading CMS'es (like Wordpress for example) but not only, and also in the benefit of the server load as it will drag down the server processing power when used.

So, I was wondering, are there any people interested in it? I've seen some topics in the past about it.
It will be "almost free" (almost - meaning a very small/modest fee to cover the invested time).

Please vote so I can have an idea if it's worth doing it or not :)