Migrate entre Reseller to server where root SSH access is available


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Jan 22, 2016
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Sometimes we get customers who want to migrate to us and have 20-50GB of data, lots of inodes and 50+ accounts where the customer only has Reseller access. A web host can spend days manually migrating each cPanel account, and it's ok when doing a few of them, but when the customer isn't sure of the setup they want to use or weeks later, they end up downsizing and have no need for the service, it is a lot of work for nothing. It takes a lot of back and forth between customers and web hosts to complete the migration.

There is script WHMEasyBackup and whmbackup.solutions that allow more easily migrating the whole Reseller account but can be a tedious process too.

Why does cPanel not allow a web host with root SSH access to migrate the entire Reseller? The custom scripts previously mentioned can do it, so why can cPanel not add that functionality to make it easier for web hosts and customers who prefer to use cPanel to migrate the Reseller accounts without having to reset the password for each cPanel account and do it all manually!?
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Oct 19, 2014
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I spoke with the team and this is something we want to make available, but there is no timeframe for this specific development task yet. I know that isn't helpful for your current situation at all, but it's something we want to work towards for the future.
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