Multiple cronjob problems on different cloudlinux/cPanel servers


Dec 16, 2014
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I started using Cloudlinux/cPanel and few months ago and I now have it operating on 12 different servers in different geolocations.

I noticed a problem a few weeks ago that I didn't notice before: it seems cronjobs are not working for many users/sites within the servers. These are sites that run either WordPress of WHMCS.

For example, running a cronjob via SSH on WHMCS on a server I can connect no problem as the root. But when I use cPanel at the user level to enter the same command, the user is restricted.

The same situation exists for WordPress cron-related jobs outside the normal WP pseudo-cron.

So it appears like a root/user permissions problem, but I don't recall this being an issue a few months ago. Is there some setting I'm missing within WHM/cPanel to allow users to run some of these cronjobs? All these cronjobs run php files within the user's own directory and they should have permissions to run....

Any idea what I should look for to help troubleshoot more?