MySQL Governor not working properly


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Feb 15, 2011
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Hi there,
We are running Cloudlinux + Cpanel (both latest version) , 8 core i7 CPU + 32GB of RAM.
Our server load was too high (100+) so we decided to install mysql governor to manage mysql queries and reduce the server load.
The mysql governor was installed successfully and seems to be working, but mysql cpu usage is still high (Up to 800% !!).
We are using default configuration in abusers mode (I also tried "all" mode but didn't see any differences).
I have 2 questions in this regard:
1. I realized that the cloudlinux did not create /usr/container/dbuser-map file automatically.
Should I do something to force cloudlinux to create this file?
2. Why the mysql usage is still too high? Are we missing any specific configuration? We just using default settings.