Need to restart mysql database without root user access

John Kirch

Aug 24, 2023
Chattanooga, TN, United States
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I am a new developer to a company and out of the blue, it says that the MYSQL servers are offline for one of our ecommerce sites. They haven't had a developer here for 4 years so I wouldn't even know where to get the root access to this account. Is it possible to restart the MySQL service without root access or from the cPanel dashboard?


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Nov 6, 2019
Kerala, india
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Hello John,

If your user has sudo privileges, you can manage (stop, start, restart) services. The term "sudo" must be used before each command.

For example:

If you want to restart mysql service,

For MySQL service named mysql:

sudo systemctl restart mysql

For MySQL service named mysqld:

sudo systemctl restart mysqld

Note: The exact service name might vary based on your MySQL installation and Linux distribution.

Remember to replace mysql or mysqld with the appropriate service name based on your server's configuration.