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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey everyone!

We've added the following new sections to the forums to better organize our discussions and keep things lined up with our product development system:

Product Extensions
This area of the forums will be for addons that are supported by cPanel. If you want to talk about WordPress Toolkit, CloudLinux, JetBackup, or other addons, this is the place to be!

User Experience
This is an area for any user interface problems you may run into, such as missing icons, vague error messages, or navigation problems within the cPanel or WHM interface.

Server Management
This covers all the things that don't really fit in anywhere else. Problems with submitting a ticket, issues with server notifications, as well as talk of server nodes and profiles. We're also grouping in load balancing, networking, and DNS clustering in this area, and this would be a good place to talk about non-cPanel issues like server load.
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