Outgoing messages not DKIM signed


May 18, 2017
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Hi, just migrated a server across from CPanel 86 (CentOS 6.1) to CPanel 94 (CentOS 7.9). All DKIM settings were working correctly on old server (emails signed correctly and passing all checks on SparkPost Tools

However, on new server, Exim isn't signing outgoing mail and I'm not sure what I ned to configure to get this working? I'm (still) using Gmail for sending mail (MX records and DKIM TXT DNS entry copied across from previous installation).

The 'Email deliverability' page of CPanel says DKIM is *not* properly configured and to use CPanel's own DKIM DNS entry, but I'm using Gmail and DNS entries need to match back to Gmail (which they do). It's not very clear from UI how to get rid of this message, or to tell CPanel that I'm using another email provider.

A bit stuck what to do. I read other threads but nothing seemed to match problem I'm getting. Any tips appreciated.
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