Sep 26, 2016
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

I'm running into an issue with .pl (Perl) files that I've uploaded to a /cgi-local folder. All theses files return a 404 when you access them directly. All other files inside this folder and it's subfolder can be accessed without any problem.

I've no experience at all with .pl files but if I'm right cPanel supports .pl files right out of the box without any firther configuration...? Or do I have to install a new module/ rebuild Apache to enable this?

The client had this issue before and hinted me with this answer of his previous hoster:

"The code has been written for an cgi-bin-mode which isn't suported anymore on our servers. All works now with a faster mode 'Perl for ISAPI'. To solve this I've edited a line which executed the header and I've changed the path redirection"

Any help is much appreciated.