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Jan 17, 2015
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Hello, I am on latest release tier version of cpanel. Can anyone explain please what is the difference in installing a module from rpm or through WHM module installer? WHM installs perl from CPAN. If I install perl module from rpm, the WHM doesn't show it in Installed Perl Module(s). Why is that?

In example: rpm package perl-Authen-SASL I can install through yum. That is a module for system perl which is in /usr/bin/perl right? After installation WHM doesn't show it, I have to install it in Module Installer or in shell by typing /scripts/perlinstaller --force Authen::SASL

So, what is the difference and usage scenario? Do I need WHM installation if I already have rpm installed? If one of my hosting accounts users have a perl script in his web site that uses Authen SASL what would be the correct procedure to provide him that module? Installing rpm or installing through WHM? I know that if I install it through WHM, the user will see the module in cPanel as already installed system modules. So what is the purpose of installing perl modules through rpm?