Possible hack of all shopping carts


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Aug 18, 2001

All newly created shopping cart default username and passwords to do not work in the Admin section.

For example, I would create a New Account. Log into their control panel, click the Shopping Cart.

... the shopping cart would create everything and then display:

Your Cart is now active, you can either enter as a customer or you can enter the admin interface.
The default username is: interchange and the default password is: pass.

However, when I use the Admins screen to login with those details it says \"INVALID user/pass\".

Is it possible someone hacked my default new password on all shopping carts through my demo account?
I have a demo account I put up on the web for users to test out the control panel. (btw it has demo mode enabled on it)

Anyone know if it was a HACK or did something just went WRONG?