Questions about Incremental cPanel backups


Nov 25, 2005
Córdoba, Argentina, Argentina

1) I configured incremental backups in v90, but I can't see the full backup in /backups, only a set of tree with the dates, but its like there are not really incrementals. it is ok ? I just see incremental backups folders with the date of each one. Need I create a full backup first and then change it to incremental ?

2) If I sync the whole /backups with all the incremental tree to blackblaze b2 (using the bb2 api or so cause cpanel do not support it), will I be able to rstore the accoutns in a new server in case of a disaster ? Can I just download all the tree structure from bb2 to a new empty cPanel server and use cPanel Backup Restore tools to restore all the accounts ?


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there!

You're right, the incremental backups do look different, but seeing a list of directories is the normal behavior for an incremental backup. The incremental backup keeps track of what files have changed, which reduces the amount of disk space and time it takes the backup to complete. There is no need to create a separate full backup before using incremental.

For the second question, that is all correct. If your incremental backups are on a remote server you would need to do this to restore them:

-make sure Incremental Backups are setup in WHM >> Backup Configuration
-place the backup files in the path you have specified in WHM >> Backup Configuration
-use the WHM >> Backup Restoration tool to restore the account. It will see the file structure in your backup location and restore the data for you.

Let me know if that clears things up, or if you need anything else!