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Sep 22, 2001
I have a redhat 7.1 machine. I\'ve gone in to the WHM and updated my server software from the link.

Is there any other software I need to manually update to make sure my system is secure? Like the kernel perhaps?

Also, should I use the up2date that rh comes with or will that conflict with cpanel?


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Aug 13, 2001
up2date & the kernel stands completely alone from CPanel....... utilizing up2date and updating your kernel are options that you have that will definitely secure your box, but have no bearing on CPanel... provided Redhat doesn\'t acquire the people that produce all of these third party daemons/tools/etc.

(Ok interchange is an exception but I don\'t think up2date reaches things like that yet, or ever will)....

Doubtful. ;)


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Dec 19, 2001
Are you saying that is OKAY or is NOT okay to use the Redhat up2date function? I have asked this question elsewhere and got no answer so far. Which are we supposed to use or does one have no affect on the other meaning we need to use both, or do both do the same thing except it means nothing to Cpanel?


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Nov 9, 2001
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i dont know if any of you have looked thru the rpmup script but basically it\'s doing the same thing as up2date. It downloads all packages that releases for your distro except that it doesnt use It uses which looks to me like the mirrored

I kinda modified the rpmup script a bit for testing purposes to use my own mirror or for updating systems that arnt using cpanel. I dont know if this is illegal (is it nick?) but it works great. I maily use it to update dedicated servers out their that are running just a base install and configured the system on their own. i just told it to ignore most packages like apache, mysql, kernel, postsql, etc.

Up2date is alittle more complexe i beleive because it checks for dep\'s and will also download other packages that are needed say if you do a up2date install blah but then again who wants to register every machine with RHN not to mention that you can use their web interface to log in and add/remove packages from your machine from their website!!!!! You dont even have to have the root pass. I was extremely PIST when i found this out and i let them know it. It\'s bull**** in my opinion (sorry for the language).

2 things to help secure your server... update the kernel and maybe setup a firewall closing all ports that your dont need.