regarding cpanel dnsonly with multiple cpanel servers also multiple cpanel dnsonly servers


May 14, 2018
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Now i have installed cpanel dnsonly on a new server, Also i've currently two cpanel servers with client's.

I have many questions i need an answer for them.

1- Can i create multiple nameservers with more than once cpanel dnsonly?

This means if i installed cpanel dnsonly on, as cpanel dnsonly servers is this should work?

2- When i connect the two cpanel servers with the cluster dns cpanelonly

Do i have to link ( the two working cpanel servers with client's ) with each other through api or is it enough to connect the two cpanel servers inside the cluster server also add the cluster server to these servers through the api inside whm ? i hope you got what i mean.

3- Is this will make google pagespeed Reduce initial server response time?

4- Also we have issues with which says the nameservers have different ip's

( I've set the new dnsonly server ip's inside the domain register but it says

For the parent reported: ['104..xx.xx.xx'] and your nameservers reported: ['64..xx.xx.xx']
For the parent reported: ['104..xx.xx.xx'] and your nameservers reported: ['64..xx.xx.xx']

while the 104.xx.xx.xx it's the cluster ip and 64..xx.xx.xx is the cpanel server with client's so how to fix it ? As we have added the cluster cpanel dnsonly inside the domain register right but it says the nameservers still have the cpanel server ip where to edit these records?

5- I've set the cpanel servers inside the cluster as " standalone " which i marked the cpanel dnsonly inside the cpanel servers as sync is that right ?

Please advise and tell me if i'm working right on this thing your help will be appreciated.

Best Regards.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there!

1 - Yes, you can have as many nameservers and DNSOnly machines as you wish.
2 - No, just connecting them to the cluster is fine
3 - Probably not
4 - You'll want to use the DNSOnly IP address for the nameservers, so that would likely need to be updated in your registrar once you decide on your configuraiton.
5 - That's actually backwards - you want the DNSOnly machines to be standalone, and the cPanel servers set to Synchronize.