Reseller migrations - cpanel to cpanel


Feb 22, 2020
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this subject has probably been done to death im guessing but i just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing anything. basic scenario is moving accounts from one reseller host to another, and i can use a script to create cpmove files for all the accounts no problem

the issue is that the new provider will only do a limited number of account restorations, leaving me to do the rest manually, which is where it gets sticky

as is standard with most reseller setups you dont have root access so youre limited to trying to use the partial backup tools provided inside cpanel, which only does half the job from what i can tell

i can move across the public_html files, upload a sql db and download email forwarders and that seems to be about it

things im missing:

* import/export zone records
* import/export email accounts
* import/export aliases
* import/export database users

to do these things manually is fine if you have only have a few accounts but seems painfully ridiculous when you have over a 100 or more
Feb 20, 2020
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Ask your provider to enable full backup option in cpanel, there you can see remote FTP as well OR you can ask your exiting provider to create a backup on behalf of you and make it available under respective domains. Actually re-seller migration must be done by the new provider without any cost. Manual migration is really tedious job.


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Nov 14, 2017
Your cPanel interface should include the full backup option within cPanel>>Files>>Backup Wizard

A full cPanel backup taken here should be easily restorable on a new cPanel account by the cPanel user.

I would agree that manually migrating these would be a huge chore, if your current provider will not allow full backups, they should be able to provide you with these.