secondary email without modifying record - cpanel


May 14, 2010
Hello everybody, I would help one to discuss this case.

I have a client who has a hosting account 'locaweb' only that he is complaining about how much the e-mail do not reach the recipient.

I then decided to create a domain account of it in my reseller cpanel "", then created an e-mail to him is not on account of it in locaweb . example: "[email protected]" by this email I created can not send email through webmail client and also by e-mail SMTP setting for my domain.

But I can not receive mail at this address "[email protected].
I think it is because of DNS in ""(registre the domain in br) because when I [add] dns of my resale and let the Powerball of the e-mail is sent but the email that he has in 'locaweb' does not receive any e-mail more.

I would like to know with you what form this new account to receive and send e-mail without changing anything in
I know that google and other companies do it, but how?

Thank you in advance.
Sorry my english, using translator google.