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Jul 23, 2004
I have been searching the web for quite a while but haven't yet found a definitive answer: Is Selinux now fully compatible with Cpanel ? I know Cpanel's docs say to disable Selinux prior to install and then afterwards it can be enabled. My question is: When I have a Cpanel server with Selinux disabled and I just enable Selinux without any further adjustment will my server continue to operate normally or will chaos break loose ? Does configuration need to be made manually or is Linux and Cpanel already containing the configuration for WHM/Cpanel to work properly with Selinux set to enforce ?

If Selinux is either not compatible or requires complex configuration to work with Cpanel, which alternatives do you recommend ? Will Grsec be a good alternative ?


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Oct 2, 2010
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SELinux is not considered compatible with cPanel installation and, oftentimes if issues arise where any component isn't working, we will advise to disable SELinux at that point as well. As such, I could not personally recommend using it in enforcing mode on a cPanel machine. grsec might be a better alternative.