SOLVED strange issue with redirect and URL Rewrite

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Apr 27, 2023
United States
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Root Administrator
I'm experiencing some URL rewrite unexpected behavior and i am sure i am missing something. Hopefully i can convey this good enough.

I have an existing Wordpress site fully updated running NginX and php 8.1 on WHM/Cpanel

The original Sites URL was changed in the modify account area from to The site resolves and works as intended and Cpanel rewrote all the correct permalinks in the WordPress site. is now the primary domain. Success!

I then put as an addon domain in Cpanel.
I then used the Cpanel redirect interface.

Type 301
redirects to
redirect with or without www
Wildcard redirect

If i go to or ABC Home Page - it takes me to the site and the URL in the address bar is displayed as Success!

Now if i go to a cached link on google or type in the path directly for a sub page such as the URL in the address bar is not rewritten and still shows the original

My expectation would be if I type in it would redirect me to

Can anyone tell me what I am missing here?