subdomain using server's main shared cert?


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Oct 8, 2006
I'll try to explain this as best as I can : - cert through autossl and is also setup as main shared -cert through autossl - no cert, turned off autossl for user, turned off ssl host - no cert, turned off autossl for user, turned off ssl host

I am using domain2 and as my own 'testing' site and have both pw'ed through their cpanel so it cannot be accessed without the user/pass. I can go to fine just get the 'this site is insecure' warning because there is no cert for it. The problem is going to I enter my user/pass and get the same warning, but it is trying to use's cert for some reason. Even if I were to add an exception for my browser the fact it wants to use the other domain's cert makes viewing any pages impossible - it wants to redirect to

I do not understand why this is being handled differently than Both are under /home/domain2/ and other than one being setup as a sub there is no difference.

Before someone tells me to use autossl to get certs for and I cannot do that. Why? Because I want both of these pw'ed and the way autossl works it would never be able to generate, check, etc the certs because it can't access the files because everything requires authentication.


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Apr 11, 2011