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Feb 23, 2006

I see in the cPanel Installation guide, that my SWAP memory should be set at twice the GB the server has, so that would be 16*2 is 32GB. Currently it's set to 4.

Where is the SWAP memory location so I can expand that just a bit?

Thanks a lot!


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Mar 22, 2008
Yes and no. That rule goes back years from today where servers did not have so much RAM as today. If you server has 1 GB ram, yes the rule would almost apply but if your servers had 16 GB RAM its ridiculous to set 32 GB swap.

You do not want a server swapping ever, and one thing is if the server is reading and writing 2 GB to a drive, another one is 32 GB. If you set up 32 of swap and your servers starts to swapping you will kill the servers drives. It will be so slow that you will crash processes.

Any server that is swapping is already slow, if you want to expand swap I guess you are swapping already. A hard drive should be used as substitute for RAM, its just to slow, and swap is only there for a temporary swaps and in case of emergency, it should be a something for daily use.