Time of Day Needed on CRON Page


May 26, 2007
Your cPanel thingy needs to have the time of day indicated on the CRON jobs screen. It does little good to specify that you want a job to run in two minutes when it turns out the job won't run for an hour or 23 hours.

Don't you think that is a little silly?

By putting the server time on the page the person scheduling the CRON job will know what clock to use. Right now it is a crap shoot whether I remember that my hosting service has their server in the Central time zone and I live in the Eastern time zone. When daylight savings time occurs it can get even more crazy.

The easiest solution is to put the server time on the CRON scheduling page.



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Nov 5, 2001
Very good suggestion. We've often been in the situation where we needed to enter a cron job for a client, and had to ask them for ssh into their server so we can determine system time, etc.. (or write a script, and upload it, then delete it, etc.)

Having the current system time displayed on the cron page would be very handy.

If you submit this as a feature request into the development system (bugzilla.cpanel.net) then perhaps they will implement it in a few years.