too many email alerts - how to manage this?


Feb 8, 2023
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Hi, ive recently setup about 5 cpanel servers for our company we host thousands of sites on them. I now get absolutely spammed with all kinds of email alerts, literally hundreds an hour for all sorts of things like:

ssls running out, high load, outdated software, all kinds of errors found etc

this is really ruining my inbox and exchange rules cant even deal with it. i was considering creating a whole new email account like cpanelalerts@ just to receive all these so i can read them if needed? i have been trying to turn off unnecessary ones but its a nightmare and everyday my inbox is full of 1000 unneeded alert emails....

so basically i was just wondering what people normally do to deal with this, just turn them off or filter them somehow?



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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I have a couple thoughts on this.

On multiple servers with thousands of sites, this sounds like normal behavior to me. There is going to be a LOT going on as updates and changes happen to the accounts - WordPress updates, SSL updates, etc.

The first issue, is to determine if these even need to be sent to begin with. WHM >> Contact Manager is where you can control what alerts are sent to the server admin, so you'll want to look through that list to ensure you're only getting what you want. Some of them may be legitimate messages that you need to take action on, but some may just be warnings or informational messages that don't need any actual work or intervention.

Setting up a master email account to receive this is a good idea. You could then create folders under that account (either in cPanel or in your email client) and create filters to sort the messages. For example, you could create an SSL folder and have anything with "AutoSSL" in the subject line get automatically filtered into that address. If you get a complaint, you can look through those files to see if there is something that can be actioned on.