Transfer homedir no longer streaming in 11.30?


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Jun 20, 2002
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When copying accounts via WHM, homedir streaming used to work pre-11.30.

Now it just packages everything up and then send them over in fixed, like during the pre-streaming days.

Any way to get the streaming feature back?

Here's our specific backup configuration, which has remained the same through 11.28 and 11.30:

- Backups: enabled
- Incremental: enabled
- Backup accounts: disabled (we perform those separately)
- Backup config files: enabled
- Backup SQL: per account
- Backup type: standard
- Hard links: disabled
- Optimized tool: disabled
- Destination: /backup


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Jun 20, 2002
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It just started working again on its own, so we have no idea what the exact solution was. We did adjust quite a number of settings over a period of several weeks, and one or more of those could have resolved the issue.

Please try the following:

A) Firewalls:

Make sure both machines have TCP 22 (or whatever SSH port you use) and 2087 IN/OUT unblocked.

We have port 2086 blocked for security reasons.

B) WHM Tweak Settings (Security Tab):

Allow autocomplete - Off
Cookie IP - Disabled
Blank referrer - Off
Referrer - Off
Require SSL - Off
Enable HTTP Authentication - On
Security Tokens - Off

(Note: The above are just our current security settings for our purposes, they may or may not affect the WHM account copy process, nor do we specifically recommend using those exact settings)

C) Copy Accounts:

Remote Server Address: (make sure to enter the complete FQDN, not just the front part if you're used to that. come to think of it, this could have been the cause of the problem. not 100% sure though)
Don't Compress Transfers: Off
Use SSL: On
Use Incremental Backups speed-up: Off
Allow Override: Off
Login: Root
Authentication Method: Password

Hope this helps. :)


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Oct 2, 2010
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For the remote server address field when copying accounts, I suggest using the IP address. That doesn't require DNS resolution to work at all.


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Mar 30, 2008
Thanks! I got it working. I think the problem for me was it will not work if I use:

Authentication Method: Public Key

I tried using Password instead and it works just fine! Thanks again!