Trouble updating AutoSSL settings


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @mindnetcombr,

I've moved this post to it's own thread so we can troubleshoot your specific issue separately.

Could you elaborate further on how the user-submitted workaround failed? I just tested this on a server running cPanel version 68 and the AutoSSL notifications were disabled for each user in "cPanel >> Contact Information" after running the script.

Thank you.


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Sep 16, 2004
Please feel free to open a ticket directly to cPanel Technical Support. They'll get you sorted out on this I'm sure.
This issue SSL Notifications in cPanel 68 affect all cpanel servers.

This problem is affecting many users and companies that use cpanel. In our case, our users are completely annoyed and suspicious of some problem with SSL, which does not even exist.

The cpanel keeps sending notifications of SSL update failures, but when we verify the certificate is up to date.

We received dozens of support calls because of this problem.

So the cpanel says 11.70 only goes out in a month, and that for another month this problem will exist.

And on the other hand, you advise me to open a ticket that the support will solve this problem.

Now, if the support already knows how to solve this because they do not publish the solution here? It would benefit many users and companies.

Is CPANEL aware of the problem? Are you aware of how many companies and customers are affected? And what's worse, all because of a notification that was activated without anyone asking.