Unable to connect server using new FTP account

Balaji Sierra

Sep 4, 2020
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In Cpanel, we created new FTP account to access the server files. We are using WinSCP for the server file access .But,We are facing two issues.

They are,

1)Below error message displaying in the popup window, while we trying to connect.(This occurs in some systems only. Able to connect in my system)
"Timeout detected.(data connection). Could not retrieve direct listing. Error listing directory '/.'"

2)Unable to upload any files on the server.Below error message displaying in the pop window.
"Copying files to remote side failed.
Can't open that file: Permission denied"

Please Suggest.



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Mar 29, 2021
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Seems like Your Port 21 isn't opened or FTP Service is having some problem in Connection. Check the Server Bandwidth if you are able to connect to Port 21. If some systems are not able to connect, Check if They are able to access the Server. Sometimes, Customers write wrong Passwords or Wrong Config due to which Firewall blocks the IP Address. Check if they are banned or in a Timeout. If they are not able to still, Maybe, Try Traceroute the IP with port. That can tell if ISP is causing the error or the server. Most likely, it seems a firewall issue to me.

Permission Denied error is When you do not have Directory Write or Execute Permissions. Normally, You can go to Permissions and Set it to 700 or 755 whichever you prefer for public Access and Permission error will be gone.