User Manager and Unified Logins


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May 20, 2003
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From over on the cPanel Blog:

User Manager and Unified Logins
As you may have heard at cPanel Conference or read on our blog, access is everything, so we are focused on bringing a unified experience for End Users and cPanel Account Owners alike.

Unified Logins
One of the most commonly requested features we receive is to unify End User logins. It can be confusing for an End User to remember and manage separate usernames and passwords for email, FTP, and Web Disk. In the past, cPanel maintained different specifications on permissible username formats for each of these services, making it complicated to give a single End User access to several services without confusion. Well, we have a solution.

Starting in v54, we are introducing a new username standard which will solve the confusion: all usernames for services will follow a typical email address format. By implementing a common username format, cPanel Account Owners can now give an End User the same username and password for email, FTP, and Web Disk, thus reducing confusion and management difficulty.

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