Using cPanel API store_filter with .NET Http class, but getting "No Valid Rules" error response


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Mar 25, 2018
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I am trying to create a filter with cPanel API. The filter should redirect any email received to another email address.

I am using the cPanel API Email/store_filter function. And I am trying to follow the documentation at:

I'm using F# and .NET Https.authorizedHttpGet. I think I have the authorization part working because I am getting a JSON string response from CPANEL. I think the problem is the URL that I am sending to CPANEL.

Here is the part after the question mark (?) but including the question mark that I am sending to cPanel API store_filter function:
?filtername=ToInbox&action*=deliver&match*=matches&part*=foranyaddress $h_to:, $h_cc:&val*=filter_acct-&dest*=inbox&[email protected]

And here is the JSON string response I get back:

{"metadata":{},"status":0,"messages":null,"warnings":null,"data":null,"errors":["No valid rules."]}

I don't know what I am doing wrong. Where am I not following the documentation? Is there a simpler or better way to use store_filter to get all email sent to [email protected] to redirect to [email protected]?