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Oct 5, 2023
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I have a few questions about how Webdisk displays directory indexes:
  1. I know that there are directives for Apache that you can use to style how the directory/file list is displayed. Can I use these to customize Webdisk's display?
  2. I found this little cool directory indexer solution for styling. Just put the index.php file in the root you want to style and it works, but for some reason, when I log into Webdisk via browser this file is not used, even though I placed it in my account's root folder.
  3. How to log out of Webdisk when logged in from the browser?


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey hey! For 1 and 2, unfortunately no. Web Disk is its own thing, and doesn't use anything related to Apache, so it wouldn't know what those are.

If you're just using a browser connection, closing the browser will kill the session. There are also some third-party tools mentioned on our page here that may provide a better experience than just a browser: Connect to Web Disk with Third-Party Software | cPanel & WHM Documentation
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