Which version of CentOS is best for cPanel Server?


Jan 30, 2013
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Building a new WHM/cPanel server. Plenty of hardware: Dell R710 with pair of quad-core Xeon procossors and 24 Gigs of RAM to start with lots of open slots. So that is not limiting factor. I see there are major structural changes to CentOS 7. With test install noticed a little goofiness with CentOS 7 such as strange comment about not having accepted license yet with no apparent way to do that. Figured out how to get around that with a little research, but this did not give me a sense of great confidence in the new version. Granted, the install finished overnight and there may have been something presented that I was not around to respond to. Also quickly discovered that the new systemd no longer has ifconfig command. But having said all that, I did see a post indicating that cPanel is not fighting these changes as neither are any of the Linux flavors. So I assume there is reason behind these decisions and that eventually everything will work out. So what should I install in this new server: CentOS 6.7 or CentOS 7?



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I suggest installing a minimal instance of CentOS 7 and then installing cPanel. CentOS 6 is stable, but CentOS 7 is stable and more future-proof in my opinion, especially if it's a single-server operation.

Thank you.