WHMCS cron job not working error - jailshell/5: command not found


Jul 1, 2017
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Reseller Owner
Hello, I am having trouble getting a cron job to work. It is the only one I am using and it is the one to run the automated settings in WHMCS (process invoices, etc).

I am getting this message emailed to me every time the cron tries to run.

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/jailshell: 5: command not found

It used to work but now I think it has been updated or something and it isn't working now. I am getting a cron status error in WHMCS.

I am with Inmotion hosting and they won't help because they say they don't support WHMCS and have told me to get support from WHMCS directly. The trouble is I am getting WHMCS through Inmotion so I can't get support from the WHMCS site at all as I am not registered as a user with them. Inmotion told me I should be able to use my username and password that I use to login to WHMCS but it just doesn't work, my email isn't registered with WHMCS at all!

The last time this cron job was completed was 02/04/2017. Maybe I have done something to make it not work but I can't think of what it may be.

Looking for any clues at all as to where I should look to fix this problem please.