Dec 31, 2022
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To whom it may concern (feature requests for WP Toolkit),

WP Toolkit is pretty great but I have two issues;
1) I have disabled search engine indexing. Please don't raise an option I purposefully set as an issue, e.g. please make a setting that says ignore this.

2) Protocol mismatch. Wordpress is redirecting to 301, but it still allows for insecure connections. I click the button, it does things, then tells me there's a protocol mismatch. Repeat ad nauseum. It would have been beneficial if there was an indication about why this was a failure. The reason I'm pointing this all out is because I now have to be a WP engineer to figure out why WP Toolkit is unhappy. The most annoying thing is that this was a default install, no customization, no plugins no themes except what came out of the box. Although I never figured it out, I just deleted the site's public_html, then unzipped and restored the wp-config.php file, my suspicion is that whatever WP Toolkit didn't like must have been introduced over long successive updates to Wordpress. Summary, explain better why this failed, add a log or verbose option so I can read the specifics.


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Oct 19, 2014
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I did hear back from the team and they are looking into these issues. However, it seems like these are both things they will need to look into on their end, so I'm not sure if I'm going to hear back with anything more than "we're looking into it"

If you'd like to make a ticket with our support team you're welcome to do that also, and then we'd have something to officially hand over to the WPT team.